I’m not sure who Olga is but she seems to have an incredible power of will. Each of us has a basic instinct to survive and incredible inner core of strength. on It is in recognizing this strength and nurturing its growth we rise above the changes and complexities of life.

Caregivers often do not recognize their roles evolving from child, spouse or friend into one of caregiver. Visits to their loved one are scheduled; more errands are run; two checkbooks are balanced; phone calls are more frequent and needing immediate attention. Does one continue to lose themselves in caring for someone or do they reach outside of their role and ask for additional help to handle the more complex and exhausting cares? How would the one being cared for want you in their life…as a caregiver or a family member/friend? Here’s a surprising statistic – 50% or more of caregivers die before the person for they are caring for does.

Promising to care for a loved one is not strictly limited to one person. Sometimes having someone else do the cares is caring for a loved one.  “Hands on” is a myth. “Hearts on” is the reality.

Imagine Olga caring for her spouse. Olga surely missed being a wife and knew she could recover this role with others on the team to care for her loved one. She most likely stepped back, took a deep breath and decided she could handle her obligation best by reaching out to others specializing in elder care.

Mr. Rogers always said “look for the helpers.” Move forward and recognize the opportunities. They do exist…home health, Senior Living Communities, adult day care…embrace them. Daughters and sons need to be daughters and sons. Spouses need to be spouses. Recognize yourself as such and master your role. Caregiving is initially difficult and a step into a new world. No one wants you to lose yourself in this role…especially your loved one.

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