Apps For Seniors

Smartphone apps have now become common in the technological makeup of our worlds. There are apps for reminding us to drink water, help identify flora and fauna, organize finances, and even how to do our taxes. App abilities are endless; however, Seniors may feel challenged with an additional piece of technology. Bridge to Better Living understands and has found the best easier-to-navigate apps meeting the needs of Seniors.

Google Apps

Google has come out with great apps to help everyone live their lives easier, but there are a few that are best for Seniors. Google maps helps navigate where we live and where we are going. Here searches may be made for any location or address to find directions. Users will be provided information on how long the trip will be in miles and minutes for either walking or driving. Google maps pulls up the fastest route and will warn for road closures, speed traps, and obstacles. There is a helpful “know where you parked” button which busy Seniors appreciate.

A weather app is fun to have on a phone. Weather is less likely to surprise and users are going to be prepared with mittens or umbrellas. Most give a 10-day forecast, allowing plans to be made if traveling or staying at home. Severe weather alerts will have users seeking shelter in a timely manner.


AARP members are given access to a digital membership card while managing the AARP app account. The latest news and daily stories for Seniors are provided on this app. Seniors are able to find nearby member discounts, volunteer opportunities, and new information regarding upcoming events.


Help track progress toward retiring with apps such as Personal Capital, Wealthsimple, or Mint. Set and follow up on goals as well as research tax planning and financial modeling. Financial freedom and independence are attainable with a range of retirement planning tools. Look for deposit and growth projections, spending analysis, and the ability to have a budgetary evaluation.

Senior Discounts and Coupons

Senior discounts for restaurants, travel, specialty stores, and entertainment are able to be found on Sciddy and AARP to name just two. Stay organized and save favorites by searching in advance for different categories. Be aware most Senior Discounts have a minimum age requirement, but not all are the same. Be sure you are “old” enough.


GoodRx is one of the best apps for comparing prescription drug pricing, which can be especially helpful to Seniors as they manage their various medications. Coupons are offered on prescription purchases with savings as much as 80%. Pharmacies offering the most affordable or even free prices are listed. App coupons are effortless to use and may be pulled up on the screen and scanned immediately. Running out of medication is lessened when using an app giving refill reminders and recording prescription changes.


Lumosity is renowned for keeping minds healthy, active, and engaged. Forty-plus games and puzzles are offered to build memory and cognitive skills, improve attention spans, flexibility, and problem-solving skills. Progress and patterns may be tracked by customizing approaches to challenge brains. Lumosity is a colorful and engaging app … well worth the additional premium investment.


Avid book readers love this app! Over six million kindle books, magazines, or comics are available to be downloaded with price ranges starting at no cost. Browse manuscript content before choosing a book and have updates on the free writings offered by Kindle. Seniors will have unlimited reading and listening when building their own personal library.

Smart Phones and Smart People

Bridge to Better Living builds relationships with all types of clients. Some are readers; some are directionally challenged, and some are vigilant about their health. They all have a comment about the weather. At Bridge to Better Living, clients find their personal interests are always held in account when searching for the most appropriate Senior Living Option. Call them now to set up a consultation…use your smartphone or use a landline!