However, when an opportunity presents itself, be ready to spend quality time with your grandchildren.

You surely have fond memories of your own youth and time spent with grandparents. Now is the chance to create memories with your grandchildren. Adventure awaits. All you need is a little imagination.

Lucky You

A grandparent has unique opportunities to establish special relationships with grandchildren. Whatever the ability level, social or financial circumstances, there are adventures waiting to be experienced. Start to develop plans for exciting times with the younger generation.

Explore Other Places, Other Cultures

If possible, introduce new countries, cultures and unique experiences. Explore online possibilities for a trip abroad. What would be a favorite destination? Visit with grandchildren about places they would want to visit. Each generation has their own vision of what the world has to offer.

Experience a safari in Africa. Explore the beauty of New Zealand where Lord of the Rings was filmed. If there are young artists in the family, visit the left bank in Paris or view famous works at the Louvre. Hear bagpipes in Scotland and do the jig in Ireland. World travel continually opens new vistas for everyone. You may be able to be a chaperone with a youth group your grandchild is a part of and see the world through more than one set of eyes!

Have Car Will Travel

The United States holds numerous opportunities for adventure. National Parks provide programs and opportunities for every age to explore the beauty of the USA. Stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon or visit Mount Rushmore, the #1 preferred destination for other countries. Consider swimming with manatees or dolphins in Florida or leisurely collecting seashells on either coast.

Everyone enjoys impromptu stops at unique attractions along the way. Make a game of finding the most unusual stop on your journey. The United States has endless quirky places to visit … the world’s smallest church (located in a pond) in Oneida, New York; Lucy the Elephant in New Jersey who is 134 years old, 90 tons, 65 feet long and made of tin and wood; the world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas or the biggest porch swing in Nebraska. Medicine Bow, Wyoming has a cabin constructed from dinosaur bones. Washington state has a stampede of metal horses located on a ridge in Vantage and Oregon has the Octopus Tree in Tillamook. Wall Drug Store in South Dakota has attracted visitors for over 80 years. Your adventures have only just begun.

A Tourist in Your Own Home

Some people have lived in one place their entire lives and never explored their surroundings. Each state, county or city has excitement within its borders. Local Chamber of Commerce or Tourist Information Centers offer information, passports, and tours. Both you and your grandchildren may be surprised how easy it is to learn something new about your community.

Fun is not limited to the use of a tour guide. Adventures could start with you hosting the tour and visiting personal points of interest – particularly those related to your life. The childhood days of grandparents are eye-opening and viewing scenes associated with the stories triggers a reality check.

Backyard Adventures

Sometimes the greatest adventures are right at home. Camping out in the back yard is fun for all, especially when all the comforts of home are at your fingertips and the stars are above you. Older grandchildren may prefer a bona fide camping trip complete with campgrounds, trails, tents, and bonfires. Brush off your sleeping bags (or cots) and give camping a try. Don’t forget the marshmallows.

Adventures with grandchildren have the possibility of being over-the-top, exotic, original, educational or whimsical but always memorable. The purpose is to enjoy time together and create lasting memories to share through every generation.

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