Many Seniors choose to stay indoors and avoid chilly weather in the Fall. However, boredom may result in a short period of time. Bridge to Better Living has put together a list of Fall activities for Seniors at every level of mobility or skill. Why? Because Fall is one of our favorite seasons too!

Put Up Fall Decorations

Brighten your home with Fall colors. Hang an Autumn wreath on the front door, add Fall-scented candles, and purchase pumpkins in all sizes and shapes for a feel of Autumn. If you enjoy making your own creations try beautiful fall crafts and bring in the outdoors. See a few favorite ideas in this article.

Get Crafty

Crafts are a wonderful avenue for Seniors to express ideas while having fun. A favorite craft is to press flowers and leaves collected on a walk. Beautiful cards and decorations happen when using pressed leaves in projects. Wreaths are also made from leaves, pinecones, and various flowers – a beautiful addition to a Senior’s living space. If your Senior is not a fan of crafting, print a few fall-themed coloring pages. Coloring is for both grown-ups and kids!

Bake Festive Treats

Bond with the grandchildren and bake. Choose a food item to decorate such as sugar cookies or cupcakes. Gingersnap cookies, pies, and spiced apple cider are favorite choices for every generation. The best part about baking is not only the aromas but enjoying the results when finished! Here are just a few easy recipes to have you in the fall spirit:

Indoor Gardening

In most areas of our country, Fall hastens the end of the gardening season. Try bringing the garden indoors and hone your botany skills. Simple ideas include:

  • Planting an indoor herb garden in a long tray, then installing it in a windowsill.
  • Painting a large ceramic pot and turning it into a succulent garden.
  • Master the art of growing succulents. A single succulent plant could be the beginning of hundreds of new plants. Learn more about propagating succulents here.

A Senior Living Community could offer daily activities, family outings, and peace of mind when knowing a Loved One is safe and has a strong Quality of Life. Providing social stimulation through Fall activities is only one of the many benefits of a Retirement Community. Learn more about Senior Living Options and contact Bridge to Better Living today. Our Transition Consultants will work with you at no cost to find the perfect home. Placement with Passion® happens with the assistance of Bridge to Better Living.