The following 5 tips are helpful to you and your loved one throughout the search for and a realization of a move.


  1. Communicate

The biggest key to moving a loved one into Senior Living is communication. Keep your Senior aware of the steps of the process if possible. Moving from a home of many years is an emotional and stressful process. Recognizing needs and wants is crucial. A conversation may be challenging but allowing time to adapt to change and discuss concerns empowers the process to be easier and less stressful. Moving is a major life event and best accomplished by being proactive and not acting in a crisis.


  1. Be Proactive

Take time to find the best place for your aging parent. Enlist a Transition Consultant to help research, plan and save time. Remember your loved one will want to move at their own pace and may even have their own plan. Once a choice is made for a community select a move-in day and begin planning.


  1. Flexibility

A number of steps are to be considered when moving from a home of many years. Start by discussing and formulating a plan and agenda. Consider your loved one’s belongings. Moving to a Senior Community generally includes downsizing; what will be kept, donated or sold? Will there be enough for an estate sale? Will heirlooms remain in the family? Have family members present when sorting through family treasures to prevent arguments later. Organize each item by room or use when starting to pack. If selling the house realize there may be maintenance or updating needing to be done.


  1. Enlist the Help of Family and Friends (and Maybe Even Professionals)

Moving from a home is both emotional and physical. Ease the transition by asking for help from friends and other family members. A friendly face throughout the process helps to brighten spirits and ease the tension. Contract with movers or hire help on moving day. Remember the old adage “Many hands make light work.”


  1. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Nothing will help you or your loved ones more than a positive attitude during the moving process. Your loved one will be turning a new page in their life. Remain jovial and point out the benefits of Senior Living as they inspect new surroundings. The positives may not be immediately recognized but your cheerful attitude throughout the move is valuable.


Bridge to Better living is here to help navigate a move. From the first step to the last BBL is passionate about their clients finding the best living options. Contact them today. You will find experts ready to assist you.