Assisted Living Communities today are not what many remember from years ago. Senior Communities are now energized with multiple amenities and activities for their residents. If you are urging a loved one to consider an Assisted Living Community for a better quality of life, rather than living at home here are five excellent reasons for how it improves quality of life to start the conversation.

Social Activities and Relationships

Social Isolation is a predictable risk when living alone. Assisted Living Communities often plan a variety of appealing events and activities for residents, making it possible to be active and form new relationships. A community may seem large in appearance, but each floor or wing becomes its own neighborhood as residents develop close friendships and often check on each other.

More Cost-Effective

Assisted Living Communities may initially appear expensive, but they are cost-effective. Budgets are simpler to maintain with only one bill each month. Traditionally rates include utility costs (heating, cooling, water, and trash). Internet, cable, and phones are provided in many communities. Grocery bills are reduced with three meals a day included in monthly rates. Transportation to medical appointments may be provided by the community or Nurse Practitioners often visit on a regular basis to address the medical needs of residents.

Maintenance-Free Living

Home Maintenance is the responsibility of the Senior Community.  Roofs leaking, plumbing issues and electrical problems are taken care of by maintenance teams in Assisted Living Communities. Residents have the added luxury of a weekly housekeeper and staff who tend to laundry.

Improved Quality of Life

Meals in Assisted Living Communities are designed to provide a high nutritional value and to accommodate individual dietary needs. Fitness programs are offered to keep residents active. Activities are chosen to accommodate the needs of those diagnosed with a mild to moderate physical disability, keep circulation flowing and engage a healthy lifestyle.

Peace of Mind

Assisted Living Communities are equipped to treat most medical emergencies quickly and safely. Medical staff such as Certified Nursing Assistants, Medication Aides, LPNs and RNs are available at all times and trained to address any type of emergency. Medical Emergency pendants and bracelets are offered in all communities and some provide emergency call cords or lights.

The benefits and improvements in quality of life when living in a Senior Living Community as opposed to living alone are many. If you have more questions and would like to have additional information about available options, contact Bridge to Better Living. Our Transition Consultants are experts in assisting and guiding each client to the most appropriate community.  Placement with Passion® is our motto and a belief we practice every day.