Assisted Living Communities today aren’t what they used to be, and many are making the change because it’s proving to be a better option than living alone at home. Senior Communities are no longer boring and stuffy facilities, but rather communities with a variety of amenities and activities for Seniors to take advantage of. Are you trying to convince your loved one that an Assisted Living Community is better than living alone? Here are our top five reasons.

Social Activities and Relationships

We’ve written about the dangers of social isolation and how to avoid it and Assisted Living makes that easy! When you live at home, it’s tempting to just stay there and never leave besides appointments. Assisted Living Communities often plan a variety of events and activities, so it’s easy to participate and make new friends. Plus, since you all live close to each other, it’s much more accessible to spend time with your newly made friends; just walk to their apartment down the hall!

More Cost-Effective

Assisted Living Communities get a bad rep for being expensive, but they can actually be a more cost-effective option than living at home. You only have to pay one bill each month, which makes things easier to keep track of and budget for. There are no utility bills such as internet or electricity since it is all-inclusive pricing. Meals are also normally provided in these communities, meaning you don’t need to spend money every week on groceries other than little snacks to keep in your home.

Maintenance-Free Living

It takes a lot to maintain a pool and backyard area in your own home, but in a senior living facility, that’s included. Homeownership can have unexpected problems like a roof leak or plumbing issues that can be difficult to get fixed if you’re living alone but are completely taken care of by the maintenance team in an Assisted Living Community. Many communities even offer maid cleaning services for your home, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Improve Health

Meals in Assisted Living Communities are created with Seniors in mind to provide the best nutritional value and can be catered to fit your individual dietary needs. Assisted Living Communities also offer many programs to keep their Seniors active, from different workout classes to fun activities like walking clubs or gardening. These activities can help to treat arthritis, keep circulation flowing, and keep Seniors bodies engaged in healthy living.

Peace of Mind

While hopefully not needed, Assisted Living Communities are equipped to handle any medical emergencies quickly and safely. There are medical assistants available full-time, prepared to help with any type of emergency. You can rest with peace of mind knowing your loved one is taken care of and has plenty of assistance should they ever need help.

There are many benefits to living in a Senior Living Community over living alone, but those were our top reasons. If you have more questions and would like to learn more about the options available to you, contact Bridge to Better Living. Our Transition Consultants will work with you and your loved one to find the best home for their needs and preferences.