Winter presents beautiful scenes straight from a Hallmark card, but it also brings its own set of challenges.

The question is “Should I move now or wait for Spring?”

It is easy to think of living independently at home when the weather is nice but as the days begin to shorten it may be time to think about moving to a Senior Community where there are few if any concerns about personal health and safety. Consider the following:

Seniors find new concerns with safety during this season.

Homes and vehicles need to be winterized. The gutters need to be free of debris, the sidewalks cleared after a snowfall, icy spots treated, and furnaces inspected. Chilly mornings may mean scraping off windshields and warming the car. Winter is a trial to those who are not as young as they used to be.

Independent and Assisted Living Communities offer all the comforts of home and then some.

Hot meals are provided and often menus have as many choices as a favorite restaurant. Most residents appreciate not cooking and best of all…no clean up!

There is no need to bring a vacuum.

Housekeeping is done on a regular basis and will change and launder bed linens, thereby saving your back. Major kitchen appliances are owned by the community and when they break down the community replaces or fixes them. Transportation is provided at little or no cost to residents. When there is snow on the ground and driving conditions are poor the Community will safeguard a trip to the medical office for their residents. Outings and transportation to social events are also provided.

Activities are closer and shared with friends…

Cards, pool, exercise class, the ever-present bingo, walking clubs, book groups, bible studies and religious services. Other amenities include beauty/barber shops, fitness areas and underground parking.

Health needs are addressed if in a community having Assisted Living.

Flu symptoms, a simple earache or chest pain concerns are listened to by a medical staff. After a life changing event communities gather around a resident and support them.

Residents are safe and well cared for, often expressing they wish they had moved sooner.

Leaky roofs, scooping sidewalks, failing furnaces, inabilities to obtain groceries, medications or travel to appointments in an Independent or Assisted Living Community are not a concern.

Plan ahead. Call Bridge to Better Living® to discover the options in your area for a transition to Senior Living. We want you to enjoy the warmth of having a wonderful quality of life.