As Valentine’s Day rolls around, love is in the air. The feeling of love brings so much joy and happiness to many, and each person experiences love in a different way. Taking care of a loved one, at any age, should be centered around making sure they find something to be happy about every day. It is often not an easy task, but it is so important for their well-being and happiness!  

Spend quality time with them.

Setting time aside for anyone, no matter if they are a Senior or not, is a great way to show love! Being there for an elderly loved one physically is good for the health, as socializing is good for boosting spirits. And, in addition to the many special memories they may have with you, there is always the opportunity to make more. Consider bringing activities to do together, like a puzzle or a game, cook together, or go for a walk. Quality time is an easy and meaningful way to show love to the elderly.  

Listen to them.

Often, Seniors just want to feel heard. And they have a lot to say! Actions speak louder than words, and through the act of just listening, you can help them be happier and more comfortable. Ask questions that show you care, such as how they feel, what they need, and if they are okay. Listening is key to maintaining a respectful relationship with the elderly.  

Make them feel included.

Whether you are part of a small gathering or a large get-together, make sure your elderly loved ones feel included and comfortable. Being around people and socializing is good, especially around people who are close to their hearts. Whatever activity you are partaking in, make sure that the elderly have a place and are included.

Provide them with a comfortable living environment.

At Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky, we work to provide the most suitable environment for Seniors so they can feel loved and cared for year-round. We connect moms, dads, Seniors, and families to the right Senior care so you can have peace of mind and find the appropriate Independent Care,  Assisted Care, Memory Care or Long-Term Care community.  

Visit regularly.

Life may be busy, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect to visit your Senior loved one. You never know how much a visit means to an elderly person, especially if they are often lonely. When you visit, you show that you made time in your life, and care about how they are doing. Treasure your times by striking up meaningful conversations or doing an activity such as a card game or puzzle.   It’s often the smallest things in life that can make a significant impact, so go above and beyond to show the elderly love, appreciation, and respect this season. At Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky, we specialize in assisting Seniors with their transition to Senior Living Communities, and work with each client and their family to determine their needs to make sure everyone is happy, comfortable, and feels loved. Contact us today to learn more about how to get connected.