The holidays are near and a sense of giving permeate the air. Now, especially, we remember loved ones, family and friend gatherings, bright Christmas lights, gift-giving, and the generosity of mankind. 2020, however, is different from the carefree holidays of past. Consider the following suggestions to be safe and healthy this holiday season.


Understand Your Risk

It is important to understand elders are particularly at-risk for COVID-19. Seniors who have reduced immune systems and/or pre-existing conditions are especially in danger. Holiday celebrations, if practiced with the proper precautions and guidelines, could be as meaningful and enjoyable as before and still assure our elderly loved ones are safe.


Consider the Area

If you are in a densely populated area with a peak in Covid cases, think seriously about how to celebrate the holiday. Meals shared only within your household helps safeguard family members from exposure. When planning to celebrate with an elderly loved one have friends and family who attend refrain from other gatherings to limit chances of spreading the virus.  Determine the number of people included in the festivities. To safely spend time with a loved one keep the number of attendees low. A best scenario to reduce exposure risk is to host the celebration outdoors. Place several small tables a safe distance apart and use disposable plates and tableware. Cross-contamination and contact are further reduced with this practice.


Virtual Activities

Most activities this year are predicted to be held virtually. Attendees meet on a specific day and time via Skype or similar video streaming services, log on, and interact with each other. Activities planned in advance help make the most of the holiday season. Play holiday-themed bingo in a virtual format. What a perfect way to exercise your brain and a fun way to add some competition.


If technology is not a good choice for your Senior send a Christmas gift box. Have the family write heartfelt cards, include cozy warm items of clothing, favorite treats, and gifts. Those who easily navigate technology could open the box on Skype or FaceTime. Sharing each other’s reactions is an additional way to stay close, even if it is not face to face.


An enjoyable holiday game is to play a Christmas song over a speaker and have guests name the song. Whoever guesses first will have a prize shipped to them. Expand trivia knowledge by calling in past experiences. Test one another’s memories and create a new one at the same time.


Bridge to Better Living wishes you the safest and merriest of holidays this year. We hope you have prepared for flu season and been following CDC guidelines these past months. Seniors and loved ones remaining happy, healthy, and safe this holiday season is a priceless gift. Contact Bridge to Better Living today and start planning for a new year.