The search for love has nothing to do with age. Everyone wants to be loved and when love happens… completeness. Birthdays as we age do challenge the uniqueness of celebrating Valentine’s Day. How many ways are there to share feelings for each other? Take a peek at how love is celebrated around the world.

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the Globe

France: Of course, France has been equated with love from the beginning of time! The first Valentine’s card is reputed to have been sent by Charles, the Duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was imprisoned in 1415. His incarceration lasted twenty-five years and surely those cards were appreciated! The French believe Valentine’s Day is for those in love, not for friendly gestures.

South Korea: Love is celebrated on the 14th of every month! Roses are in May, kisses in June, and in April single people eat black noodles. Men have it easy February 14th as only girls give Valentine cards.

Ghana: This country arrived late to the Valentine’s Day feast as it was only proclaimed official in 2007. As if a reason was needed, chocolate (the country’s leading product) was chosen to be celebrated as a national holiday February 14th.  In South Africa, wearing your heart on your sleeve is taken literally. Paper hearts with the name of an admirer are pinned to individual’s sleeves… there is no limit to the number of hearts.

Wales: Valentine’s Day is pushed to the side here as love is celebrated on St. Dwywen’s Day, January 25th.  A tragic love story unsurprisingly explains the switch, and wooden spoons, not cards, are exchanged to show affection.

Romania: February 14th is bypassed in this nation also and celebrated on February 24th. Romanians prefer to equate love with the season of spring. Young lovers pick flowers while those less fortunate wash their faces with snow as a sign of future good luck.

United States: Seniors in the USA are steeped in Valentine’s Day traditions. In 2023 alone, 29.9 billion dollars was spent in the name of love. Flowers, chocolate, expensive jewelry, and fancy restaurants top the gift list.


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