Vaccines have always been a high priority for Seniors and their loved ones. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has further demonstrated the importance of vaccines in preventing the spread of deadly disease. A vaccine is embedded with microorganisms the same as or similar to the disease. When administered, the vaccine stimulates the immune system to create antibodies and fights the disease.

Immune Systems

Recovery from illness or injury is traditionally slower in the elderly. Advancing age causes the immune system to slow, increasing vulnerability to various illnesses. In addition, Seniors are susceptible to autoimmune disorders, where healthy body tissues are mistakenly attacked by their own immune system.

Reasons to Get a Vaccine

Each year older adults are hospitalized with a disease for which a vaccine has been created.  Vaccines, often feared for their side effects, are safe for three reasons:

  • Several years of rigorous testing is performed by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) to ensure each vaccine is safe for the public.
  • Side effects from vaccines are usually mild and will disappear within a few days. Fatigue may be experienced, or soreness occur at the point of injection, but extreme side effects are rare.
  • Physicians are always open to discussion regarding which vaccine is safe for their patients.

Seniors who are unable to receive vaccines due to comorbidities are dependent on others being immunized. Vaccines for pneumonia, shingles, influenza, tetanus and pertussis are strongly recommended for those 65 and over.

COVID-19 Vaccine

The Covid19 vaccine is now available for public use and has begun to be distributed for use in phases. Those at highest risk, primarily Seniors, are to be vaccinated first. Vaccine schedules do vary from state to state. Visit the CDC site, cdc.gov, and choose your state to learn when and where the vaccine will be distributed.


Know the facts about COVID-19 vaccines. You will not contract the virus nor will it change or interact with your DNA. A viral test after receiving the vaccine will not be positive for COVID-19. If you or your Senior have had COVID-19 it is still advised to be vaccinated. Visit with a healthcare provider about receiving your vaccine today.


Bridge to Better Living protects Seniors and practices the necessary health standards to safely guide and transition Seniors. Our goal is to find the best Living Option for each unique client. 2020 presented challenges for many and Bridge to Better Living was able to adapt to each. We are overjoyed to have a vaccine available. Why? Because Bridge to Better Living cares about YOU. Placement with Passion® is and always will be our motto.