“Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway.” –Unknown. What a wonderful thought… you are in total control of which road to take, the destination, and the people met along the way. Retirement has presented Seniors time to travel, whether to another neighborhood, city, state, or country. Seniors are on the go.

Consider sharing the following tips before making a hasty commitment for travel:

  • Visit with experienced travelers or a travel agent. Be honest with yourself and choose a vacation best for you.
  • Which months are best to visit? Avoid overcrowded sights during peak seasons. Discounts are offered at popular spots during off seasons.
  • What is the typical weather? No one wants to sit by the ocean in a winter coat or be sunburned when close to the equator. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • What mode of transportation is best? Consider gas prices if driving and the amount of time needed to a destination compared to flying or renting a car. Suitcase inventory may be determined by transportation type.
  • Discounts for hotels, airlines, and car rentals are available for AAA and AARP members, and veterans. One may find a home to rent at a reasonable price through a website.
  • National Park Service sells a lifetime Senior pass for $80 to those 62 and older.
  • Will travel insurance be needed? There are many selections for travel insurance. Peek at personal insurance and avoid overbuying.
  • Is a passport and/or current vaccination list required? A passport is needed if traveling outside the USA, but current vaccinations are hit and miss with travel offers.
  • Is medical assistance available if necessary? Avoid a medical crisis by knowing the quality of healthcare where vacationing. Pack medications separately and keep them on you at all times.. Stay hydrated and pack snacks for in-between meals.
  • Assistive devices such as canes may be brought on flights, but as a rule wheelchairs and walkers are not allowed. Check with your airline. Arrange for a support person to assist you through security, to the assigned gate, and boarding or disembarking the airplane if your assistive device does not fit regulations.
  • Most importantly… loved ones need to know where their Senior is.


Adventuresome Seniors may want to do some self-discovering online. All-inclusive tours are available online ranging from hiking to biking. See how other Seniors are enjoying retirement outside of their environment. Many Senior adventures are scaled to physical ability and limited to small groups.


Bridge to Better Living assists Seniors and loved ones travel a very important journey… finding the most appropriate Senior Community to enjoy Quality of Life. Our Transition Consultants map out the social, medical, physical, and financial aspects. When ready to find a new Senior Living home contact Bridge to Better Living. We care about your destination.