Changing a lifestyle requires adaptation and preparation. When separating truths and misconceptions about Assisted Living, the decision becomes even more difficult.

Experts in Senior Living Transitions are able to help sort out the facts and the fiction. Knowing what communities offer is the first step in choosing a new Senior Lifestyle.

Debunking the Myths

Outdated images of Senior Living Options paint outdated dismal view. Television and movies often portray Retirement Communities as cold, joyless places with incompetent staffs. Assisted Living and Retirement Communities are much the opposite. They are vibrant and active with a multitude of amenities and activities staffed with well-trained and compassionate professionals.


A common misconception is thinking Assisting Living Communities will rob the resident of independence. Amenities and services are designed with quality of life in mind. Cost of maintenance, food, chores, household insurance, taxes and utilities   are not a concern to the resident. Independence is enjoyed to the fullest while receiving needed care.

Time with Family and Friends

Not being able to spend time with loved ones once they have moved into a community may be a concern. Most Assisted Living Communities welcome friends and family and even embrace their participation in activities. Residents may entertain in the privacy of their apartment or reserve an event room for special occasions. Time for family and friends is always accessible.

Assisted Living is for the Sick

Some believe Assisted Living is only for those who are unable to care for themselves. Realistically, residents are usually required to exhibit some independence. Admittance before health deteriorates is ideal as there are no worries about who will be providing care. It is a blessing to be healthy but if assistance is needed, help is nearby and able to respond quickly. Resident’s needs will be met faster with a medically trained staff member.

Being Lonely

Assisted Living has many social opportunities. Take a class to learn a new skill, play board games or join a group sharing the same interests. If preferring more privacy and a quiet setting, you may. Participation in any activity is not required but it is a perfect way to meet new friends and stay active.

Cramped Spaces

Having to downsize is quite a change and could be challenging. Filtering through years of what was needed to maintain a home is difficult but well worth it. Decide what is staying or going. While some of the bulkier items may not be practical there is still plenty of room to personalize your living space. Apartments are designed for maximum mobility and maneuverability with space left over to make the apartment feel comfortable. Remember, the entire building is your home.

Breaking the Bank

There is no “one size fits all “when understanding costs for Assisted Living. When taking finances into account remember to factor in money NOT being spent.



Several financial resources are available; veteran assistance, long term care insurance and home equity are a few. The most expensive community does not guarantee the best cares. Assisted Living is affordable with the right resources.


Any Retirement Community should make you feel at home. Before choosing, tour with an expert such as a Transition Consultant to receive a broader perspective of the activities and programs available. Visit during mealtimes or during morning and evening routines to have a first-hand view of the community. Visit more than once and vary your times.

Bridge to Better Living® gives you one-on-one personal service to find a new place to call home, regardless if you are needing Assisted Living, Independent or Memory Care. The research has been done. All you need to do is choose. Bridge to Better Living® relieves stress and saves energy.

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