Winter Travel Saftey

cab·in fe·ver [ˈkabən ˌfēvər] NOUN: irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter.


Unless having lived in a more temperate climate, Seniors most likely experienced this malady at least once in a lifetime of winters. A good book, television series, old movie, or one-man solitaire championship may have been tried to be the cure, but is there a better solution? Consider traveling.


The Three P’s

Winter jaunts by car require common sense of course. Safety experts advise the three ‘P’s:

  • Prepare… If traveling by car, check the battery, tires, and windshield wipers. Pack an extra blanket, matches and votive candle to provide warmth if trapped in the cold. Kitty litter or sand provides traction when stuck in snow. Have snacks, water, medication, and a fully charged phone. Flares and/or high-powered flashlights will alert other drivers to your location.
  • Plan your route. Let loved ones know your departure and arrival times. Locate places to stay if the weather worsens.
  • Prevent accidents. Slow down and leave extra space between vehicles. Get plenty of rest before driving and stop every two or three hours to stretch. Pay attention to weather reports.


Seniors who prefer to escape quickly to more temperate (think tropical) locations have many options. Repeat to yourself “there is no shame in being a ‘snowbird’.” AARP  and Finance Buzz suggest several destinations located in the United States. Should you or your loved one be more adventurous and want to learn while enjoying the sun, peruse offers from Road Scholar, where great advice is found to chase away winter blues with guided tours designed just for Seniors.


Whatever method is chosen, stick to the three ‘P’s… Prepare; Plan; Protect. Pack appropriate clothing, have medication ready and enough to last your getaway, use sunscreen, review your vaccines, arrange to have mail held or forwarded, employ trusted resources to watch the house and pets, and most importantly… let family and loved ones know your plans.


Bridge to Better Living will always be here for Seniors and their families, similar to the post office motto… through rain, snow, heat, and gloom of night. Our clients are important. Why? Because Seniors and Quality of Life are important to us… as it should be. Contact Bridge to Better Living today. We will travel this journey with you… in all types of weather.