The Power of Positivity: Mindset and Happiness Later in Life

“Be positive.” “ Make lemonade out of lemons.” Simply stated… life is hard and there is always a plethora of upbeat advice on how to be positive. Seniors, however, seem to be more likely to take life in stride due to past experiences and use positivity to find happiness.


Seniors choose positive outlooks. Those who were born up to 1970 have lived through many crises: The Vietnam War, racial unrest, recession, a presidential resignation, impeachments, political turmoil, 9-11, environmental disasters, and involvement in foreign wars. Seniors will reveal they have “seen it all.” However, along with the negatives come the positives: Peace treaties, equal rights, The Taxpayer Relief Act, medical advancements, alternate energy sources, color television, the internet, the first man on the moon, a virtual computer embedded on a handheld phone, the ability to communicate around the world easily, a doorbell offering a current view of the front porch visitors, and… the microwave!


What drives happiness? Money? No. Power? No. Materialism? No. According to a Harvard study, the secret to happiness (positivity) is social interaction. Seniors who interact with other ages and/or their peers feel more secure. When advice is called for or a concern needs to be addressed, there is dignity in knowing who to trust. Insecurity and negativity vanish. A new approach or sharing an old or new experience requires more than one person. Interaction with another human being leads to acceptance, confidence, and positive feelings. Last but not least, Seniors may be more apt to find opportunities for laughter. Humor opens the door to being comfortable, connected, and part of the human race.


Negativity is sidestepped by limiting time spent on social media. More advice? Avoid the news. Stay away from discussing politics. Seniors (and all of us) are happier when personal relationships are formed with encouraging people. Seek the positive. Compliment at least three people a day. Smile at a stranger. Let go of what is not able to be changed. Instead of saying “I have to” say “I get to.”  


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