The stranger in the mirror is you. Elastic waistbands are your friend. You sleep through the weather and notice it’s not only the recliner creaking…it’s you. Stop it! Age is only a number and should have no bearing on your physical and mental well-being.

Medicare Cards typically move first timers into a short period of depression. On the bright side, it also makes one think of where they are at in their life.

Life moves us all. Now is the time to get serious about exercising. Sixty percent of those over the age of 64 are sedentary. Yet work out shoe sales have risen over 50 percent in the last five years. Walk. Swing your arms. Do lunges in the garden. Exercise improves balance, delays or prevents many diseases and has even more psychological benefits. Seniors are typically at higher risks for health problems than their younger counterparts. It is important to keep cruising until the parts truly do wear out.

Hope comes from despair. As we age we lose friends, family, jobs, children and routines. Grief seems to become a larger part of life. Fortunately, Hope becomes a constant companion. Resources abound for learning new skills, taking the time to volunteer and even to find a new home and more friends. Senior Living Communities are being built to provide a newer and safer way of life for Seniors.

Loving life and finding the right fit no matter our age instills growing confidence. When living in a community where you feel actively engaged, there is a feeling everything will “work out.” We have faith we are loved, someone is looking out for us as we once looked out for them and suddenly the card burning a hole in our pockets isn’t quite so heavy. There is camaraderie born from similarities in a Senior Living Community.

Many of us become the “new” youth. In addition, we all experience the aging process differently. I know people in their 80s, who are roller-skating and jumping out of planes. I also know people in their early 50s who are cynical, grumpy and inactive. Who do you want to be? You have a choice.

According to a study by PLOS ONE, age could be measured by time lived or by time yet to live, basing age on the current human life expectancy. Rather than struggling to be younger than we are, it would be best to use our experience and invest it in a healthy life style.

Call a local transition consultant at Bridge to Better Living®. Be pro-active, take a peek at Independent Living and Assisted Living in your area. Forget your age. There is no such thing as a bad number, just winning attitudes.