Often Nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical profession. Today, marks National Nurses Day, a day to recognize the important role nurses play in caring for the growing Senior population. A rapid rise in the age group of those over 65 demonstrates an increased need for nurses, especially in gerontology.

Care and Treatment

Expanded medical care and a better Quality of Life for Seniors have resulted from the research and support given to the nursing profession. Studies directly involving nurses have helped change approaches in elder care on a consistent basis. Because of these efforts Seniors continue to receive advancing health benefits and medical measures.

Nurses are on the front lines in Assisted Living Communities, hospitals, and Retirement Homes. They are often the difference in a Senior’s everyday life. Physicians may prescribe and recommend treatment, but a nurse provides the actual hands-on care.


Firsthand communication is basic for Quality of Life. Nurses have a unique opportunity to be part of Seniors’ lives and witness their needs. Patients will trust those who care and listen. Nurses personally witness the pain and possible side effects of medication/ treatments Seniors may experience and subsequently help address concerns with a physician. At times this takes not only a caring attitude but courage and stamina.


Unfortunately, at the end of a Senior’s life family members are not always able to be present. Nurses then become the ones holding the hand of a patient, helping them feel safe and loved at the end of a long journey. Nursing may be mentally and emotionally draining but there is always the reward of a job well done. Celebrate National Nursing Day by sharing a story of when a nurse impacted your life. Take time to publicly thank a nurse who has improved life for you or a loved one. Bridge to Better Living understands the importance of good nurses. We pride ourselves in Placement with Passion® and firmly believe the nursing profession makes a difference. Bridge to Better Living cares about YOU.