Traditionally you sat around the table expressing gratitude for health, family, friends, and stores opening early for Black Friday…but did you really, really peek inside your cornucopia of abundance to recognize the small gifts, the silent blessings? When you saw all the positives, were you thinking of keeping them to yourself or giving them away, risking an empty cornucopia?

For the purpose of this blog a cornucopia (generally depicted as a horn shaped basket containing a multitude of fruit, nuts, and produce) will be referred to as “abundance.” Your life is a cornucopia. Those fruits you are holding onto are destined to rot if not given away. No one appreciates a rotten cornucopia. Consider sharing your stash of abundance. Place more cornucopias on the table. Consider the “fruits” of life. Watch closely. There is no room for Senior Depression or Isolation.

Plums a.k.a. laughter….it’s plum difficult to laugh without giving away joy.

Everyone enjoys a good chuckle; chuckles make us human. Gut wrenching, belly clutching, tear producing giggles are born to be shared. Laugh until your cheeks hurt. It’s healthy, healing, and just plain fun, not to mention good for your health. Grab a friend and laugh. Smile at a stranger to lay the foundation for a laugh. Accept laughter. Give it away… Laughter, good for the soul and unbelievably contagious. People who laugh have an increased chance to live longer.

Grapes, clusters of goodness, or what every Senior Income dreads…taxes.

One tax (grape) at a time and we have roads, schools, libraries, services for veterans, Senior Centers, firemen, law enforcement, city parks, bike trails and snow removal. Be grateful for taxes and the ability to pay them. Supposedly you are chuckling at this suggestion (see prior paragraph), but it’s true. We enjoy an enviable lifestyle in this country/state/city because of the monetary support for services not only appreciated “at the moment”, but more frequently taken for granted. If you don’t see the benefit of taxes, here’s another gift (grape) to savor… your voice. Everyone in this country has the right to speak up for themselves and just as importantly, for those who cannot speak. Voices shape the world. Bridge to Better Living® serves a cornucopia of voices and uses their voice to represent the families served. Tune in to the news, which by the way, is a taxable item on network services. Listen closely to voices and what is being said. Seniors in Legislation shake minds. We cannot escape the gift of taxes.

The big orange in the basket…Maturity.

Every segment, large or small, is an experience to be given away, savored by a diverse group of ages, genders and cultures. Each traveler opens the world to imagination and courage to explore. Every written word teaches, hypnotizes, and presents solutions to the reader. Be grateful to a teacher. Experience is exhibited by individual acts… entrepreneurship, volunteering, coaching, and making blankets for the homeless. Let your stories loose. Disappointments and successes lead to maturity. Watch for the life lessons. Mistakes lead to possibilities. Children simply wait for experience to roll their way. Wow…Oranges overflow in a cornucopia! Any given day minds wait for experience backed information. Find enjoyment in each one.

Cherries…Life is a bowl of cherries, pits and all….

Challenges leave an awful taste but build character. Tears are a healthy release and when shared invite supportive relationships. Where hurt occurs an opportunity for forgiveness exists. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. Stress decreases by re-channeling emotions. In life we always will wallow a few pits, take deep breaths and keep moving forward. Burned turkeys lead to good stories; driving on ice leads to appreciating the comforts of home and trying on bathing suits gets us to the gym. Healthy Seniors appreciate the quality of life brought by the struggles of exercise.

Hopefully while reading about cornucopias you are counting daily blessings. Thanksgiving unfortunately is celebrated only once a year. Being grateful each day and also giving away personal blessings is not for the faint of heart or those minds closed to possibility. Of course, nuts increase (or decrease) the possibility of success. Hard to crack, nutritious, and unique…the world needs more nuts, albeit nice nuts.

We are on this earth for such a short time. Yes, it sounds trite and mushy but it’s true. There is in each of us an abundance of gifts simply being born and waiting for the first rush of air. Each fruit in our baskets has just begun to take hold and ripen. Pause for a moment and consider each blessing another fruit in your cornucopia…then go ahead…shake it a little. Do the cornucopia shake.