And just where is Grandma Gertrude’s sugar cookie recipe? Is it possible to recreate her specialty?

Interesting how much life parallels the art of baking cookies. We all look for the perfect recipe and muddle through the journey of trial and error until we either throw our hands up in frustration or reach a heavenly culmination and enjoy the results.

When Gertrude was looking for a new Retirement Community baking cookies was the last thought on her mind. In fact, she could have cared less if she even had an oven. However, Gertrude did have requirements for a new home. Finding a new home was similar to rifling through a cookbook…no two recipes the same, some with the expected staples and others with unusual ingredients.

Retirement Communities are not cookie cutter replicas. Even floor plans in the same building are not always identical.

Independent Living offers the ambiance of apartment living where residents come and go at their convenience yet still have the comfort of knowing their neighbors are nearby and checking on them. There are social opportunities available without ever leaving the building or out of area trips where they may even have a chauffeur! Independent Living is basic and similar to a chocolate chip cookie.

Assisted Living (AL) is somewhat more complicated. Assisted Living and a recipe for an Improved quality life when all the ingredients needed are offered. Each AL Community offers levels of care to address the individual needs of residents. Just as each person is unique each Assisted Living Community has its differences. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are met in a variety of ways with cares being driven by the resident, family and physician. Social activity, transportation, warm meals and outside services are available for the resident. Payment methods and levels of care also differ. If this were a cookie it would be of the Spritz family, having a variety of shapes, colors and flavors.

Memory Care requires a different outlook as residents have need of a more highly trained staff to address behaviors immediately and unobtrusively. Caregivers are specially trained in the behaviors of those diagnosed with a form of dementia. Think Spritz cookies once more only with a variety of sprinkles and frosting.

Skilled Care offers direct nursing care and is available to those who need higher skill need level. Residents may need to be fed, be a two person transfer or have uncontrollable diagnoses such as diabetes or serious cardiac issues. It is not safe for the resident to be alone or away from a medical professional. Rooms are smaller and sometimes even shared. Skilled Care is extremely complicated …much like a seven-course meal with Baked Alaska for dessert.

Gertrude was a perfectionist when she baked and when challenged with the task of making a decision for a new Living Community she again looked for a perfect recipe. We at Bridge to Better Living® are delighted to say Gertrude turned to us for assistance.  We tried different recipes, used various ingredients and suggested some alternate cookware. The result? Gertrude found a home she is happy in and didn’t even put on her apron. She left the cooking to Bridge to Better Living® and couldn’t be happier. We’re happy to share our approach for Living Option successes with everyone. Give us a call…we have just the right recipe.