Meditation… focusing on an object, word, or breathing in order to decrease stress, improve health, and relax the body and mind. Social media portrays a younger generation sitting cross legged on yoga mats, humming ad infinitum while windchimes pleasantly ring in the background. There are more age-friendly options for Seniors however.

The stressors of age are unique. Support systems disappear as family and friends relocate or die, affecting social aspects. Every ache or change in health becomes increasingly important. As Senior “moments” creep in, anxiety and stress become constant companions. If only there were a way to focus on only one thing! Enter meditation.

How may a Senior begin the art of meditating? Try these basic three steps.

  • Find a quiet place. Close your eyes and pause.
  • Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly, then begin to count each breath in one to five sequences.
  • Relax as worries fade with each breath.

Benefits of meditation are countless. Blood pressure is lowered, immunity systems improved, and even sleep is sounder. As stress decreases, mindfulness increases. Patience grows when as little as three minutes a day is practiced consistently. Optimal results are found when small increments are increased daily until half an hour a day becomes the norm. Quality of Life is found when Seniors find time to concentrate on their personal value through meditation.

Bridge to Better Living focuses on each client they serve. As Transition Consultants use their expertise many families find themselves starting to center on the present. Negativity about tackling a life-changing journey melts away and invariably Seniors and loved ones are aware of the possibilities of each day… much like meditation. To begin your Transition journey contact Bridge to Better Living, a no-cost- to-client service. The focus is on YOU.