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senior in mask delta variant

How to Protect Seniors Against The Delta Variant

In the year 2020 countries were exposed to COVID-19, a virus responsible for the deaths of an estimated 3.4 million people worldwide. The only protection offered was wearing a mask, washing hands, and maintaining a social distance of 6 ft. Businesses closed, and families canceled celebrations. Senior Living Communities were faced with difficult decisions. Hand […]
bridge to better living of northern Kentucky- Family with seniors

What Sets Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky Apart

Bridge to Better Living of Northern Kentucky takes a special approach when it comes to helping Seniors with their transition. Bridge to Better Living is not only leading the way in compassionate and educated Senior placement but also franchise development. Bridge to Better Living was highlighted as one of the top 2020 Game Changers from […]

A Look at Bridge to Better Living 2020

The year 2020 has been one of transformation, for the world and Bridge to Better Living. The challenges of COVID and a pandemic required us to adjust ways we saw and spent time with Seniors and loved ones. Positive approaches however have evolved in 2020. Travel back in time with Bridge to Better Living as […]
investing in a franchise

Why You Should Invest in Your Own Franchise

Two years ago, reported a 90% success rate for franchises and a 40-45% success rate for independently started businesses. There is much to consider if you are wanting to build a new business, especially during these times. Think seriously about investing in a franchise where there are established systems, existing support, and a recognized […]
senior placement agency help

How A Senior Placement Agency Can Help You

The search process for a Senior Living Community is a difficult and convoluted journey. Each Senior and their family hold a unique set of requirements for care and accommodations including medical needs, activities, finances, and even food. Balancing these various factors is a challenging task and makes the choice for a Senior Living Option stressful […]
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