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Open Your Umbrella Martha | Guidance Corner | Bridge to Better Living

Open Your Umbrella Martha

Driving through the neighborhood was similar to hiking through a mine field. Limbs were down, some driven straight into the ground; flowers were flattened; small rivers ran into overflowing gutters. A neighbor who had been in the process of re-roofing their house had two rooms with sagging ceilings…it seems there was a hole in the […]
Open Drawers | Guidance Corner | Bridge to Better Living

Open Drawers

If anyone were to walk into my kitchen right now, they would be scratching their head in confusion. Just why the heck does this woman have all her drawers and cabinet doors open? I should explain…I’m cooking something a little complicated. It seems meat and potatoes just don’t make the cut lately with the increasing […]
HUG BLUG (or is it ‘blog’?) | Guidance Corner | Bridge to Better Living

HUG BLUG (or is it ‘blog’?)

Each day starts and ends with a hug, sprinkled with random hugs throughout the day. We are open to this sincere display of emotion without bias of age, sex, religion, ethnic background or political affiliation. Not only are we experts in finding the best Senior Living Community for our clients, but we are definitely experts […]
The Importance of a Compass | Guidance Corner | Bridge to Better Living

The Importance of a Compass

I remember a time in the back woods of Oklahoma (just how does one get lost when aiming for Oklahoma City?) I took a deep breath, pulled into a secluded bar/convenience store, opened the squeaky screened door and said “I’m lost.” An elderly gentleman with a Southern drawl immediately summed me up as a Yankee. […]
Put Your Apron on Gertrude!f | Guidance Corner | Bridge to Better Living

Put Your Apron on Gertrude!

Meals need to be attractive, smell inviting and nutritious. Many health issues are “diet challenging”. Poor nutrition and changing physical conditions due to age are potential recipes for disaster. So How Many? Senior Communities are serious about the food offered. Independent living communities schedule one to three meals a day while Assisted, Assisted Memory and […]
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