Ironically as retirement approaches it sometimes becomes overwhelming with desires and financial ability. The following suggestions may help facilitate plans for your next chapter in life. 1. See the World One popular choice is world travel. Finances are a crucial aspect of travelling. Other retirees have discovered less expensive means to achieve these dreams. One… Read More

Now you may be needing to decide for yourself or a loved one if it is time to transition into Assisted Living. This decision is both critical and important. Assisted Living is often ignored by the person but recognized by family, friends and doctors. At times it is difficult for family members to find the… Read More

Transitioning to a community offering assistance is a positive and proactive move when ensuring the safety and well-being of loved ones. Choosing the appropriate community allows peace of mind when you know your loved one is in a safe, caring and vibrant environment. The concept of Assisted Living is relatively new. Throughout the 20th century… Read More

The article discusses the upward trajectory of the senior population in the Lincoln, NE area over the next 25+ years to come, as well as the growing demand for senior housing to accommodate this projected increase. Currently, the lack of Assisted-Living communities presents a waiting issue for many seniors in the area. “Although the needs… Read More

We all talk about the weather and sadly accept there is nothing we are able to do about it. Personal comfort however does present wise choices. Hibernation If only this was as easy as it sounds. As people age their ability to feel temperature change decreases. Most Senior Living Communities have individual thermostats in their… Read More