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World Senior Citizen`s Day- Honoring the Elderly

A favorite Hallmark character, Maxine, has made aging not only humorous but acceptable. The Silver Tsunami is here with the fastest growing population segment in those over the age of 85. Aging has seen many changes since the grandparents of the Baby Boomers. According to 15,800 Assisted Living communities existed in 2015. Five years […]
grandmother and granddaughter hugging acts of kindness

Acts of Kindness You Can Do for a Senior

A freely volunteered smile has impacted all of us. Masks during the pandemic did make smiling a challenge, but acts of kindness did prevail in other ways. Seniors, more susceptible to periods of loneliness and depression, have benefitted exponentially from simple gestures of compassion. Kindness has changed lives in intervals of seconds or minutes. The […]
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Social Media Best Practices for Seniors

Connection to the outside world and companionship has always been important to Seniors. A population suddenly thrown into isolation by the recent pandemic created a platform for technological use. Innovations began to bridge the gap between families and their loved ones while Seniors became the fastest-growing demographic on the internet. Social media has helped to […]
senior demographics - seniors on bench

Colorado’s Senior Demographics Are Changing

Colorado is known for its flourishing and growing population of younger people. However the Senior demographics are changing and, according to a recent U.S. News ranking study, Colorado may be one of the best states for aging. Baby boomers are starting to age and move into their Senior years. It is estimated by 2040 there […]
world health day: two seniors running on path

Invest in Your Health for World Health Day

World Health Day, created by the First Health Assembly in 1948, is recognized today. This year, the 73rd anniversary of the World Health Organization asks leaders to encourage “building a fairer, healthier world.” The theme’s purpose is to monitor health inequities and promote every person’s right to good health. Seniors, unfortunately, experience more health complications […]
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