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The Importance of Community for Seniors in A Pandemic

The changes brought on by the pandemic were devastating. The elderly population were among the most heavily affected due to lack of resources, vulnerability to disease, increased isolation, depression, and loss of financial security. There have been stark increases in depression and anxiety, especially with extended lockdowns. Grandparents could not have visitations and be hugged […]
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Make the Most Of Your Senior Community Tour

There may be a general idea of what is needed or wanted but education and a solid understanding of the reality of Retirement Living is essential. A search is best done in collaboration with a Senior Transition Consultant. Experts in the field of Senior Living, they will find the most appropriate Retirement Community for yourself […]
Senior Book Club Benefits | Guidance Corner | Bridge to Better Living

Senior Book Club Benefits

The benefits are endless. Retired Seniors take immense satisfaction in the time they now have to immerse themselves in a good book. Many who are visually impaired listen to audio books and visit with other bookworms. Joy is multiplied when able to share an interest in reading with others. Reading Benefits the Mind Books are […]
Independent Living: Beginning the Search | Blog | Bridge to Better Living

Independent Living: Beginning the Search

Liberating? Yes, but choosing a community by yourself or in conjunction with advice from friends could become a nightmare. Find a Transition Consultant who is an expert on local communities and build a trusting relationship. You will not regret doing so. What do You Want? A Transition Consultant will initially meet with you to determine […]
Rocking Chairs | Bridge to Better Living

Rocking Chairs

Envision a Norman Rockwell painting of a row of rocking chairs along a dusty country driveway. Today an estate sale is being held and the house has been emptied of every piece of furniture and item ever once touched by the former residents.
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