Result? Gertrude was flat on her back, staring at the ceiling, determining whether it was a blessing or a curse no one witnessed her predicament. Warnings from friends began fading in and out of Gertrude’s mind. She knew she was getting older and isn’t as strong as she once was. A favorite niece had suggested… Read More

Thinking about one’s mortality is a real issue. Sooner or later your family will need to address both the tangible and intangible left after death. Discuss now to avoid later surprises. What Will You Do? Everyone should have a will, regardless of income or social status. Your valuables need to be protected by legal documents.… Read More

He grew up milking dairy cows, slopping hogs, gathering eggs and husking corn. He ate homemade bread, meat raised and butchered at home and drank unpasteurized milk. Elmer went to church every Sunday and when Uncle Sam called him to unknown corners of the world during the war he did not hesitate. Elmer married, went… Read More