Two years ago, reported a 90% success rate for franchises and a 40-45% success rate for independently started businesses. There is much to consider if you are wanting to build a new business, especially during these times. Think seriously about investing in a franchise where there are established systems, existing support, and a recognized… Read More

The article When Life Events Merge, Good Things Can Happen, details the events that took place in order for her to take the bold step of co-creating a business that contributes to the lifestyle greatly valued in and around Lincoln, Nebraska. “When the client loves the benefits and my employees love what they do, then my goals for Bridge to… Read More

You’ve seen the commercials on television. Scenes where an awkward silence hangs between a son and his father, both ignoring the proverbial “elephant in the room.” Dad realizing his increasing needs. Son worrying about Dad living alone …and there they sit, drinking coffee. Sound slightly familiar? While people over 65 are expected to increase at… Read More