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daughter with senior mom dementia

Loving Relationships In The Face Of Dementia

Parents, like snowflakes, are unique in design, even more so when a parent is diagnosed with dementia. What was once a loving relationship may start to unravel with memory loss and dementia issues. Perceptions and attitudes change parental/child bonds when dementia becomes the invisible participant. Initially, you need to “let go” of traditional parental images […]
woman doing brain injury puzzle

Now, Why Did I Come In Here?

As we age, we’ve come to expect the increasing absent-mindedness and the onslaught of those now-why-did-I-come-into-this room moments. We laugh it off, make jokes about the unexpected gifts in being able to hide our own Easter eggs or wrap our birthday presents. But memory lapses could indicate more serious conditions. They could be symptoms of […]
assisted living- two seniors on bench

Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living Communities are designed to provide personalized care and assistance in a residential setting. Each community offers varieties of physical and mental assistance levels and care is driven by the physician, family, and resident. Assisted Living is the answer for continued Senior support and care. Assisted Living Benefits One advantage of these communities is, […]
alzheimer's awareness the longest day

Alzheimer’s Awareness: What is The Longest Day?

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia triggering progressive changes in one’s behavior, thinking, and memory. Symptoms may surface slowly and then decline rapidly in later stages. Currently, there is no cure, only treatment. Drastic and variable behavior changes make it difficult to determine the appropriate care needed. Sufferers of Alzheimer’s and their caretakers need to […]
aging woman with dementia completing puzzle

Dementia: More Than Just Aging?

The ability to remember a string of events, people, or facts may begin to fade with advancing age. Many Seniors experience increased forgetfulness or difficulty following directions but is this a concern for a more serious issue such as Dementia or a natural aging process? What is Dementia? Dementia is defined as a chronic or […]
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