Medical professionals now have the technology to provide cares to those who find it difficult to access care. Telemedicine (Telehealth), the most recent advancement in medical technology has grown in popularity as a response to the social restrictions of the 2020 Pandemic. Each state regulates and licenses the professionals integrating Telehealth. Federal and State legislatures… Read More

A discussion with a parent about an option to move where they are safe and well cared for is one of the foremost problematic dialogs. The First Hurdle Opinions will differ…siblings, a parent, trusted family members, and friends either heighten the negatives of moving or support the positive aspects of a transition. Hopes of a… Read More

It is the 6th leading cause of the death in the U.S. and every 66 seconds another person is diagnosed. Knowing the warning signs helps recognize the onset of Dementia. Most people associate Alzheimer’s disease with memory loss, but it is more than just forgetfulness. It is common for people to become forgetful as they… Read More

The stranger in the mirror is you. Elastic waistbands are your friend. You sleep through the weather and notice it’s not only the recliner creaking…it’s you. Stop it! Age is only a number and should have no bearing on your physical and mental well-being. Medicare Cards typically move first timers into a short period of… Read More

The stay may have been overnight, a week or much longer but there is something refreshing about finally going home. However, your feelings of relief at leaving the hospital may be mingled with uncertainty about how to care for your loved one without the help of professionals 24/7. The right follow-up care is essential. The… Read More