Life Transitions

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mother and daughter at computer living will

A Living Will

Have you ever heard someone say “… if I die?” Although optimistic the truth is we “will die.” Advancing age and the loss of loved ones prompts most Seniors to worry about end-of-life care if incapacitated or unable to make health decisions. It may be a relief to know there is a way to assure […]
four seniors on couch in community for seniors

The Importance of Community for Seniors in A Pandemic

The changes brought on by the pandemic were devastating. The elderly population were among the most heavily affected due to lack of resources, vulnerability to disease, increased isolation, depression, and loss of financial security. There have been stark increases in depression and anxiety, especially with extended lockdowns. Grandparents could not have visitations and be hugged […]
senior in wheelchair with grandaughter-support for seniors

Support For A Loved One During Transition

Support and continuity of social ties is important when a Senior transitions hoping to continue their Quality of Life in a new setting. Established networks of friends and family are instinctive venues for loving advice, companionship and support. The assistance and encouragement found in these circles are reliable steps to a Senior’s successful transition. Bridge […]
man with hands in face- elder abuse

The Truth About Elder Abuse

One in ten adults over the age of 60 experience elder abuse in the United States  Sadly, less than 8% of these incidents are reported. The physical and mental limitations of aging adults make them easy targets while a lifetime accumulation of financial assets makes them attractive victims. We all need to learn and recognize […]
assisted living

The Difference Between Assisted Living and Long-Term Care

It is both daunting and nerve-racking to determine the best type of community for you or an elderly loved one when remaining at home is no longer safe.  Assisted Living and Long-Term Care (referred to as nursing homes in the past) have several differences to be considered when making a decision to transition. What is […]
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