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depression in seniors

5 Signs of Depression in Seniors

Depression in Seniors is a very serious mood disorder.  Feeling sad occasionally is unfortunately a normal part of life, especially as you or your loved one is going through a big life change.  However, if these symptoms persist for more than a few weeks, you may be experiencing depression.  This is a very serious situation […]
losing a spouse

Losing A Spouse

A spouse who has provided a deep and profound love for many years is irreplaceable. Lifelong partners who have shared the joys and challenges of a long marriage grieve deeply after the death of a spouse. Although there are no substitutes for love, ways exist to help adjust after losing a spouse. Grieve Properly Process […]
senior manage stress

How to Manage COVID Anxiety & Stress

Healthcare and world events have created new and profound levels of insecurity. The world questions a new “normal” as COVID research presents conflicting news reports each day. Now, more than ever, it is important to practice emotional self-care. This article offers five suggestions to help you or your loved one manage stress and anxiety while […]
senior friends on the beach

How to Make New Friends in Retirement

A younger person may have easily found new friendships in school, work or through mutual family and friends. Retirement brings a different approach. However, a positive attitude toward friendship generally results in a long, happy and healthy retirement, one surrounded by friends. Local Clubs One way to find new friends is by joining a local […]
senior sitting alone social isolation

How to Avoid Social Isolation

An ongoing connection with others to establish meaningful relationships with a community and others is important. Engaging in social activities seems to be a natural occurrence in younger years but older adults living alone face unique social challenges, some leading to health issues. it is important to identify the sources and address them to avoid […]
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