In the 1960’s, the earliest members of the Baby Boomer generation, born between 1946 and 1964, were coming of age. The Gen X generation, born 1965 through 1980, was coming into being. The advent of cable television made it possible for the first time for Americans to witness Presidential and political assassinations, civil rights and… Read More

Although similar to motherhood and caring for a small child, a caregiver in the medical world is primarily aiding an adult or Senior. Society needs to understand more people are caregiving. This could easily become a monumental culture change. A large percentage of people are in Skilled Care due to a caregiver no longer being… Read More

I’m not sure who Olga is but she seems to have an incredible power of will. Each of us has a basic instinct to survive and incredible inner core of strength. on It is in recognizing this strength and nurturing its growth we rise above the changes and complexities of life. Caregivers often do not… Read More