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Communication Tips for Dementia | Blog | Bridge to Better Living

Communication Tips for Loved Ones with Dementia

Keeping the lines of communication open during this time will become progressively more challenging. How you communicate with your loved one makes all the difference. Education is Key The more you understand how dementia affects your loved one the better communication will be. Various stages of memory loss require innovative approaches to have meaningful conversations […]
Top Misconceptions of Assisted Living | Blog | Bridge to Better Living

Top Misconceptions of Assisted Living

Changing a lifestyle requires adaptation and preparation. When separating truths and misconceptions about Assisted Living, the decision becomes even more difficult. Experts in Senior Living Transitions are able to help sort out the facts and the fiction. Knowing what communities offer is the first step in choosing a new Senior Lifestyle.
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When Aging Parents Don’t Listen

Life is frustrating when young children don’t listen. A parent who refuses to listen is equally as exasperating. It is important to have a conversation and have parents listen, especially when considering a move to Senior Living.
Tips to Understanding Your Aging Parents | Bridge to Better Living

Tips to Understanding Your Aging Parents

Time gives the appearance of both standing still and passing quickly. Even as mature adults we envision our parents as parents, not as individuals. Each person has a story to tell. Following generations will value knowing the people who were a part of the formation of their family and identity.
6 Apps Every Senior Needs | Guidance Corner | Bridge to Better Living

6 Apps Every Senior Needs

According to the Pew Research Institute 27% of adults over the retirement age of 65 now own a smart phone. Over 80% feel it is a “freeing” experience. Seniors still tend to only use their smart phones for a limited range of purposes. Those who choose to broaden their horizons find a world of practicality, […]
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