Have you noticed? Temperatures are rising across the country. Bright sunshine and warm breezes are getting more of us outdoors. As teenagers we worried less about ultra-violet rays, the possibility of wrinkles and skin cancer, but as Seniors the concern is unquestionable. Statistics support skin cancer, or melanoma, is rapidly rising amongst the elderly. The following are healthy tips to avoid the risks of summer’s subtle dangers:

  1. Purchase sunscreen with a strength of at least 30 SPF. Use it repeatedly and freely. Age thins the fatty layer beneath skin making Seniors more susceptible to dehydration. Cover every bit of skin from the tops of feet to palms, ears, and bald scalps. Even eyelids are susceptible to sunburn.
  2. Wear loose, long sleeved, light-colored clothing when outside outdoors to shield the sun’s rays. Sunglasses with UV protection cut glare and protect vision. A brimmed hat safeguards delicate facial skin. Wear comfortable shoes when outside. Sandals or flip flops may give the illusion of “cool” but put Seniors at risk. Falls do occur in the summer with uneven lawns, crowded patios, and wet poolside surfaces.
  3. If you or a loved one walks, gardens, or participates in outdoor activities try to do so in the early morning or evening hours when the sun’s rays are less powerful. Stay inside in air-conditioning when temperatures become dangerous, generally between 90 and 105 degrees. Heat becomes more unbearable with high humidity.
  4. Stay hydrated. Do not consider water as the only hydrating solution. Melons, cucumbers (cool as a cucumber), strawberries, tomatoes… are all available fresh at farmer’s markets or the local grocery. Healthy eating in the summer is never boring!
  5. Be aware of heat stroke symptoms: headache, dizziness, confusion, lack of sweating, or red clammy skin. If these symptoms occur, get to a cool place, drink plenty of water, apply ice packs, and remove excessive clothing. Call 911 if necessary.

Bridge to Better Living understands the importance of enjoying the outdoors. We want Seniors to have Quality of Life in every season. Expert Transition Consultants are ready to assist each client find an appropriate climate for their lifestyle. Call Bridge to Better Living. Be one of the “cool” residents in a Senior Community fitting (or meeting) your needs and wants.