No one needs to be a social butterfly to have a vibrant, healthy social life but quality of life is important. The following tips will help start thinking about ways to remain social.



A variety of organizations are in need of people willing to help. Positions available to volunteers may take small or large amounts of time. Volunteer positions may be one-time events or on-going opportunities. Some organizations pay stipends to volunteers; others may provide special perks.


An example of a one-time occasion could be a fundraising event, marathon or festival. Volunteering may consist of greeting guests, ushering, setting up or tearing down. It is not unusual to find the same people volunteering for related events. Friendships grow from these types of experiences.


Ongoing volunteer involvements include joining organizations such as Senior Corps, Foster Grandparents, Aging Service Handymen or museum docents. Schools welcome Seniors to help students with reading and math skills.


Join a Dance Club

Not only is dancing fun and good exercise but very good for brains. Happy people frequent dance clubs. Kicking up your heels releases endorphins to elevate moods. When in a room full of happy people enjoying themselves, you’ll feel better too.


Get Involved With a House of Worship

Support and socialization is provided in a house of worship as well as spiritual nurturing. In an active worship community, you have opportunities to teach classes to adults, teens or children. Churches often recruit volunteers to serve on boards. Again, you may choose to be involved in single events or serve on a regular basis. Age is not a reason to hesitate. Volunteers of all ages and talents are always needed.


Take a Class

Have you ever been curious about a type of cuisine? Perhaps you would like to try your hand at cake decorating? Have you thought of learning a new language? Classes on travel are offered for those who want to go places and for those who would rather stay home and learn about other world destinations.


Community education classes are traditionally very reasonable with class listings geared toward Seniors. Colleges and universities may have special discounts available for Seniors wanting to audit classes. Lifelong learning classes designed for Seniors are offered in many cities.


If adventurous, consider becoming a Road Scholar. Known as Elderhostel for years the name became Road Scholar in 2010 and the tradition of offering high quality, affordable educational experiences to Seniors continues. Stay active socially and add to your knowledge base. It’s a win-win for the lifelong learner.



Discover the Local Senior Center

Senior center programs are diverse. A variety of interesting and entertaining opportunities are offered to the over 55 generation. Partners for card games, painting classes, even musical opportunities exist. Senior centers offer older adults a location to socialize and try new activities. Many of the classes offered at the centers are free or low cost. Senior centers provide congregate meals and often have special occasions such as Root Beer Float days.


Take Up a Sport

Many Seniors enjoy being on the golf greens while others enjoy tennis or baseball. Bowling and Pickleball are favorites among Seniors. Do you have concerns you are a newbie and not up to snuff yet? Put your fears by the wayside and join the others. Most Seniors involved in these sports enjoy bringing new members onto the team.


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