Grandma Moses was seventy-eight when she began painting. Tom Parker (Colonel Sanders) was sixty-five when he opened Kentucky Fried Chicken. How old should a Senior be to realize their dream of starting a business?  An ABC network report reveals the older generation is much more successful building a business due to social networks, experience and knowledge developed over previous careers.

The success of all ages is to start small and then grow demand and steady profits. A new entrepreneurship takes time, resources, determination, and a heavy dose of responsibility. Realize being your own boss also means being the bookkeeper, receptionist, and janitor until hiring employees is necessary. Business complexities take time and work hours could easily exceed traditional forty-hour work weeks. All of this aside, if enacting this dream will give you joy in your Golden Years… go for it.

Several businesses may be started and managed from home… consulting, blogging, free-lance writing, and book-keeping are just a few ideas. Educators might enjoy starting a private tutoring business. Seniors who drive and enjoy good health may consider an errand business, lawn service, plant care, dog walking/sitting, or draw on past skills and build a handyman service. Crafters have the opportunity to expand a hobby into an online source of income such as Etsy. Designated work or office space plus computer skills could be necessary as well as a dedicated phone line and web site for the business.

Seniors whose objective is a free-standing brick and mortar business have additional requirements. Forbes International gives eleven steps to opening a business, beginning with determining the business concept, checking out the competitors, and moving through funding, building a business plan, and legal filing necessary for federal, state, and insurance laws.

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