Connection to the outside world and companionship has always been important to Seniors. A population suddenly thrown into isolation by the recent pandemic created a platform for technological use. Innovations began to bridge the gap between families and their loved ones while Seniors became the fastest-growing demographic on the internet. Social media has helped to engage and connect with others despite distance.

Social Media Platforms to Choose From

Numerous social media platforms exist for Seniors. Facebook is the most popular and allows users to choose the “friends” they connect with, adjust personal privacy, message others privately, post thoughts, and join groups of common interest.

Instagram, a more visual platform, offers an avenue to post photographs for selected followers to view.

Twitter offers a way to “tweet” or post online and engage with other members.

Other choices are LinkedIn, a site designed for professionals; Pinterest, containing crafts and do-it-yourself projects  and YouTube, where videos show how to post, adjust privacy settings, and other interesting “how-to.”  Online resources help Seniors learn social media and choose their favorites. Start by trying the Bridge to Better Living Facebook page, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Add Friends Conservatively

A best practice to ensure a Senior’s information remains secure and safe is to only add known friends and family.

Protect Information

It is important to protect all personal information when entering the world of social media. Numerous scams and fraudsters target Seniors, thinking they are a vulnerable audience. Learn safety precautions and be aware of new techniques used by scammers.

Accounts should be private. The best passwords are long, specific, and only recognized by the user. Avoid sharing personal details, addresses, and phone numbers. Never share financial information, driver’s license numbers, social security numbers or account numbers and PINs. Do not divulge a home is unoccupied or post vacation pictures while gone.

Bridge to Better Living cares about YOU.  We understand the importance of being with loved ones and friends. Contact Bridge to Better Living today and be confident you are making the right choice for Senior Living.