You’ve seen the commercials on television. Scenes where an awkward silence hangs between a son and his father, both ignoring the proverbial “elephant in the room.” Dad realizing his increasing needs. Son worrying about Dad living alone …and there they sit, drinking coffee. Sound slightly familiar?

While people over 65 are expected to increase at a 23% rate/yr, the number of family members available to care for them will only increase at a 0.8% rate. – Source: The Center on an Aging Society, Georgetown University. (www.seniorcaremarketer.com).

What this means is SOMEONE is going to be expected to care for each of us, the future elders, and if it isn’t a family member, then who? Don’t just stare into your coffee cup…start talking! Bridge to Better Living® is well aware of the difficulties of not only navigating the conversation, but also the best route to use!

Nebraskans are traditionally independent, private, and thrifty to a fault.…all admirable Midwestern qualities. However, as we all age, worlds begin to shrink. Living spaces become cumbersome; tasks depend on others; social activities dwindle with changes. Should we drive? Why so many doctors? It’s hard to remember dates, appointments, where’s the remote! We wouldn’t be so lonely if only there were more socializing opportunities!

SOMEONE needs to start the conversation! Call Bridge to Better Living® when you have that “first thought.” You were paying attention when neighbors started to disappear and be replaced by younger families, right? Oh, and wait a minute…Where did that nice elderly couple go? Was it where they could get more help or was it one of those independent living buildings? Wonder if they’re all the same? Gosh, could it be they moved to a “nursing home?” Do you remember tales of people who went to those spooky places? They entered through the front door and never came out…Hitchcock had nothing on those! It’s time to ask if your parents (or yourself) could be ready for the “big” move. There is data to support this increasing search for living options.

According to Social Gerontology, a leading book on the effects of aging, the average American household today includes more parents than children. (www.theravive.com).

Should you realize you are not the best choice to be a parent to a parent, or to receive care from a child, it’s time to start the search for Plan A. So, call Bridge to Better Living® and let them help you to get busy.

SOMEONE start the conversation! Even if it gets to pitchforks and torches…START.…one sentence at a time. Let Bridge to Better Living® be the answer to your questions. Bridge to Better Living® is able to take all the little pieces and create a roadmap for you. One of the perks is they work one on one with you at no charge. Your research time and stress becomes almost nothing when Bridge to Better Living® takes the wheel…and you still get to drive.

Let’s start with looking at facts and myths of different assisted living communities. Facts? Myths? Of course! Stay tuned; we’ll have Martha crossing the bridge in no time!