Many people choose to forego this tradition as they find it difficult to adhere to their promises for 365 days. Nearly eight percent who compose resolutions are completely successful in fulfilling them. Resolutions are goals to aim for and numerous people enjoy the challenge. In this article are ideas beneficial to Seniors.


Create a Safe Environment

Who said New Year’s resolutions need to be about personal accomplishments such as losing weight, exercising daily or saving money? Resolutions could be about finishing small projects at home resulting in valuable differences.


Consider performing a safety check to discover problems needing to be addressed in your home. A resolution to create a safe environment could result in making a substantial difference; saving water, using energy efficient lighting and starting a compost pile are some suggestions.


Are electrical and cable cords in full view? These present a tripping hazard and may lead to serious injury. Secure cords in the home with zip ties or a cord minder available at hardware stores.


Throw rugs are an additional tripping hazard. Consider removing them or having a non-slip backing on each.


These are only two examples of safety issues for a home. Additional common-sense ones are checking batteries in fire detectors, having emergency information readily available, installing bathroom grab bars and placing night lights in dark rooms. Creating a safe living environment is a resolution accomplished easily with life-saving results.


Eat Healthier

Diet-related resolutions are popular on most lists. Eating healthy might have an end goal of losing weight but it could also be about eating to minimize pain. Studies have found a connection between inflammation, pain, and foods. Changing diets may not cure all issues but doing so could make painful symptoms more manageable. Eating healthier foods increases energy levels and helps with mental cognition at all ages.



Share expertise, time and talent with others. Explore new opportunities through United Way, AARP, non-profits, schools, hospitals or even veteran organizations.


Educate Yourself

The possibilities are endless for learning something new; cooking a special cuisine, organizing a scrapbook to commemorate a special event, attending an OLLI (Ochsner Lifelong Learning Institute) class, perusing a new travel destination or mastering new technology. Brains create new neural pathways for young and old learners. Neuroplasticity, the ability for the brain to change and rewire itself, lasts throughout life.


A New Year’s resolution doesn’t always require a year-long commitment. Consider a goal you would like to accomplish and break it into smaller, more achievable steps within a reasonable timeframe. New Year’s resolutions should build, not break, your confidence.


At Bridge to Better Living resolutions always include a commitment to Placement with Passion. Seniors beginning a Retirement Living transition find using our Transition Consultants beneficial. They help to make the process smoother, less stressful and more pleasant. Learn more about our services and resources by contacting Bridge to Better Living whose services are at no cost to the clients and always available.