The holidays are here and finding the perfect gift for your loved one may be a bit challenging. You might believe they have acquired all they have ever wanted or needed, but perhaps not. Loved ones tend to say they don’t have any gifts in mind, making it even more difficult to find a meaningful gift.

Fortunately for you, we have compiled a Senior gift guide for all Seniors on your list. Skim this list for a few practical and unique presents.

Mini Massager – Massagers are excellent for any age but especially for Seniors. Age tends to bring extra muscle aches and pains. A massager is a perfect selection to relieve discomfort!

Personalized Throw Blanket – A traditional blanket is a thoughtful gift, but a personalized throw blanket imprinted with images of family or favorite pictures will bring warmth and the comfort of memories.

Massage Seat Cushion – Seniors sometimes sit for long periods of time resulting in unpleasant stiffness. A massage seat cushion eases their discomfort and may help to avoid skin irritation from remaining in the same position for long periods of time.

Custom Photo Calendar – Custom calendars help your loved one remember which month to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special dates. Each month they will enjoy remembering moments with family and friends as they look at the pictures.

Non-Slip Slippers – Is your Senior due for a new pair of slippers? Opt for breathable, lightweight, non-slip slippers to allow them safe mobility.

Mini Electric Shaver – Your Senior may appreciate an electric shaver to replace an awkward razor. This option is safer if they are on blood thinners as there is less chance of nicks and scrapes.

Automatic Jar Opener – Decreased hand strength makes opening jars difficult. An automatic jar opener helps your Senior open jars easily.

Motion Activated Lights – Small hallways and dark sections at your loved one’s home are made safer when these lights are installed. No longer do they need to worry about where the light switch is or fear tripping over an unseen object.

Digital Alarm Clock – A digital device such as this is perfect for Seniors with vision problems. The display has well-lit and large readouts for time, days, dates…even the temperature outside. If your Senior is hard of hearing there are talking alarm clocks available.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle – Puzzles are excellent avenues to increase cognitive skills. Find a favorite picture (family photos are entertaining) and have it transformed into a puzzle. Large pieces are best for arthritic hands.

Time – The gift of time is priceless. Take your loved one to a place they have always cherished or would like to visit. Plan ahead and be sure there are Senior accommodations if balance or mobility is an issue.

Gifts are more meaningful and memorable with a personal touch. The simple gift of spending time with a loved one will go beyond any gift purchased from this Senior gift guide. Holidays are meant to celebrate Family and friends. Relive favorite times with someone who loves you.

Bridge to Better Living hopes these gift suggestions help you find the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season. Happy Holidays from all of us at Bridge to Better Living!