Save Money As A Senior

Retirement often results in less income, but always presents more time to spend earnings. Bridge to Better Living would like to share simple approaches to saving money while enjoying life in retirement.

Health Insurance

Open enrollment for Medicare recipients is October 15th, 2022 through December 7, 2022. Review health care policies and determine if current plans are still applicable. A change in medications may allow a less costly plan to be used. Online quotes may be found on Medicare.gov or by calling 888.815.3313. AARP and S.H.I.P. (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) are additional resources for health insurance guidance and have trained experts on hand.


A new mantra for Seniors should be “Do you have a Senior discount?” Discover if local retail stores have Senior Discounts and which days they are offered. Fast food and regular restaurant Senior discounts could be five percent or more, enough to cover a tip. Elders may find lower fees for lodging, travel, and home maintenance by simply asking if a service has a Senior Discount. Military Veterans often qualify for a discount in fees and advertise such.

Negotiate Large Expenses

Ask if a lower rate is possible on loans and mortgages. Banks want to retain customers and are experts at researching options for saving money. Phone, internet, and cable may be more affordable when bundled with one company instead of paid separately. Now may be the time to disconnect landlines and use only a cell phone.

Go Public

National Parks now extend an “America the Beautiful” National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Lifetime Senior Pass costing $80 and an Annual Senior Pass for $20. Passes include free entrance to any of two thousand recreation sites managed by the Federal Government. In addition, a 50% discount may be found on camping, boat launching, tours, and more. Public Libraries cut spending when a book is borrowed instead of purchased. Movies, music, periodicals, programs, and community events are also found in libraries. Find free concerts and outdoor activities at a community park or Senior Center.

Downsize to a new home

If no longer feeling safe alone at home or costs of maintaining a home are becoming astronomical, consider a move to Retirement Living. Look around… how much square footage in a current home is actually being used? As a resident of an Independent Living Community apartment Seniors enjoy meals, transportation, paid utilities, wellness programs and social opportunities while still having their private apartment. Assisted and Memory Assisted have the added benefit of medical care.

Bridge to Better Living assists Seniors who are transitioning physically, medically, socially, and of course, financially. Call them today and discuss the options for affording life in Retirement. Services are always at no cost to the client.