Author Terry Mark states “Sometimes people are afraid of falling in love, because it sometimes comes in a way we never expected.” Are Seniors likely to find love in their golden years? Is romance still possible? As we age, “falling” in love takes on a new meaning. Seniors are searching for companionship, someone to share experiences with, share life’s past, present, and future joys. Love in the sixties, seventies, and beyond is deeper and more intense than the passion of youth.


Past experiences, such as a long-lasting marriage, do influence Seniors. However, a chance at romance taken in later stages of life opens the door to amazing friendships, which may lead to… surprise! a deep and true love.


Meeting people (or dating) has changed over the years. Dating sites, with or without fees, are now accessible for Seniors, such as eHarmony and SilverSingles. Dating sites match similar traits and interests of the users. Seniors are able to rediscover the social side of meeting someone new in a somewhat safe and secure environment.  Other possibilities for meeting people with similar interests and backgrounds are social activities, volunteering, religious groups, Senior Centers and support groups.


Seniors who are in a relationship are more apt to compromise. They realize life is limited and prioritize what is now important. Love in later years is more mature than the excitement and “firsts” of earlier years.


Should the fear of physical intimacy have one hesitating to want romance? AARP advisors offer the following, “… Love is not just celebrated; it is also a biological reality. Brain pathways responsible for feelings of intense romantic love are exactly the same “whether you are 2-and-a-half or 92-and-a-half.”


Psychology Today places romance in perspective: “Old people are not too old to love.”


Bridge to Better Living has found thousands of Seniors find new homes since opening its doors. Clients’ backgrounds, social, physical, medical, and financial situations are carefully considered. When choosing to use the services of Bridge to Better Living a type of “matchmaking” occurs. Transition Consultants would not be surprised if a Senior they assisted found romance. After all, transitioning to a new home is all about YOU. Contact Bridge to Better Living today.