Poor winter, we are always looking for its demise… but Spring, this is the reward for surviving the cold! No more possibilities of ice or snow closing the door to outside engagements as Spring opens doors and invites loved ones to shed coats and turn faces to the sun. Residents of Senior Communities are afforded many opportunities to engage in the outdoors.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, Let’s party!” (thank you Robin Williams). Warm days have seasoned gardeners feverishly perusing seed catalogs, waiting for the earth to warm just enough to don garden gloves, start digging in the dirt, and smile at worms. Seniors should be sure to stretch limbs, squeeze a stress ball to strengthen fingers, wear comfortable clothing, and plop on a garden hat. Knee pads, raised garden beds, and ergonomic garden tools are suggested for the older gardener.

Spring invites Seniors to visit nature. Those who enjoy walking are able to commune with Mother Earth one on one by breathing deeply and enjoying clean fresh air. Sunglasses are essential as the spring sunshine is more intense than in winter. Appropriate walking shoes will prevent blisters and calluses. Be mindful of the terrain. Increase the spring in your step and join exercise classes focusing on balance such as yoga and tai-chi.

Health matters. Schedule medical, dental, and vision appointments before the urge to be more active engulfs you. Have blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels checked. If weight is a concern, take advantage of spring’s fresh produce and cut back on heavy “comfort” foods. Drink plenty of water. When busy with outdoor activities, hydration is often forgotten. Enjoy a tall glass of ice water with a slice of lemon or cucumber and take a moment to relax.

Delight in a meal outdoors. Invite family and friends to a picnic. Picnics relieve stress, encourage relaxation, and allow lungs to expand in fresh air. Play pickleball, horseshoes, or soar on a swing. Be active while enjoying the company of others.

If you or loved ones are unable to be active during this time, pull up a lawn chair and simply bask in the sunshine. Immune systems and moods are boosted when outdoors.

Bridge to Better Living assists Seniors and their loved ones in every type of weather. Quality of Life is important to us and our clients. Put a little sunshine into your life and contact Bridge to Better Living for their free to client services when considering a transition to Senior Living.