Gratitude is Attitude

Have you heard “Gratitude is an attitude?” Usually, the person speaking smirks and uses an overconfident tone as if this is a well-kept secret. The happiest people in the world exercise gratitude and wonder why others just…  don’t…  get… it. Many Seniors have survived war, rationing, epidemics, loss of loved ones, and life changing events. Today, those who are most content learned from the past, took life one day at a time, and welcomed positive changes. Seniors have seen medical and technological changes once believed to be science fiction become reality. Now when clouds hang over graying heads, a silver lining is foreseeable.

Gratitude for Seniors

Gratitude transforms. Grateful Seniors are healthier, more alert, and live longer. Fewer headaches, less depression, and better sleep occur with positivity. Better decisions are made when one is confident. Families are more likely to visit elders when there is laughter and a response of thankfulness. People who practice gratitude look for good in others. When recognizing the world’s beauty, there is calm in knowing one is not alone.


Look around. We live in a great country. Countless organizations exist to help those less fortunate around the globe. Help is a phone call or email away. News is shared instantly. Travel by air connects us in a matter of hours, not days. Laws mandate safety, education, and choices in how we live. Healing incorporates many experts, not only one, and those using Medicare programs bear a smaller cost. Recycling is cleaning up the world. Seniors are able to “surround” themselves with loved ones’ voices and faces with video chat and FaceTime apps despite distance. They are surrounded by multiple opportunities to be thankful.

Continuous Gratitude at Bridge to Better Living

Thanksgiving is in just a few days but why celebrate gratefulness only one day? Bridge to Better Living was founded on a principle of continuous gratitude. Transition experts practice “Placement with Passion®” by recognizing the good in Seniors.  Alan Cohen, author, shares “Gratitude, like faith, is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows.” This is why Bridge to Better Living thanks all past, present, and future clients. Together, we are making a difference. Contact us today.