The Academy Awards, born in 1929, celebrate their 85th birthday this year. Think of all the preparation, the planning, thought and talent to produce this celebration gala.

Have you ever thought about your personal Oscar? By 2030, the fastest growing population segment will be Baby Boomers turning 80.

Take a look at the requirements for the Academy Awards and envision, just for a moment … do these guidelines parallel your life?

  • Movies (lives) must be played a certain length of time. If you have lived to the average life expectancy of 78.8 years, you’ve played well. This includes a good diet, frequent exercise, an active mind, and good genes. Not to mention a solid financial plan, retirement fund and possibly long term care insurance.
  • Each category must be in a defined format. Only Academy members (meaning you) in each category may vote.


A team of hundreds of behind-the-scene workers make your personal Oscar possible. There are stage hands, cooks, designers, promoters, lighting and camera technicians. The list is long. Your personal crews are government, financial, legal, medical support, home health care, living options and senior services.

And now for the Oscars:

Best Supporting Role: Caregivers, hands down. Home care should be researched before it hits the theater (your home). Attend support groups. Study the pros and cons early in order to make an informed decision. Will you need medical or non-medical help? How will you pay for it? Don’t take your neighbor’s advice. Assess your abilities, attend support groups if needed and then research services in your community. Cast your vote…early.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Living options. You have the right to choose where you live, how you live, and with whom you live. A variety of levels includes Independent, Assisted, Memory Assisted and Skilled Care. Find an agent (talent agent, of course) who is able to navigate you through the decision process. Remember: your personality must match the screenplay (location). Trailers are allowed to be shown promoting nominees, as well as sending information and organizing special screenings. Choose wisely by planning ahead.

Best Film Editing: Visit with your family. Let your wishes be known and listen to their concerns. Thank the ones you love, forgive the ones you begrudge, and tell people you love them.

Best Foreign Language: Legislation. Study it well. This year in Nebraska many bills have been introduced addressing Social Security (LB165, LB20), an Alzheimer’s Advisory Board Interim Study (LB405), and LB472, the Medicaid Redesign Act. Pay attention and vote.

Best Director: Be your own Director. Choose a Power of Attorney (POA), Health Care POA and determine your End of Life Choices by pre-planning your funeral. Write and direct your script.

Best Movie: Memories. Replayed in your private theater, tied with Best Original Score: the music, spirit and life you alone have sealed in a big envelope with God’s handwriting.

…and for Best Actor and Actress…the envelope, please…YOU!

January 28, 2015 1:45 pm • Written By Dennis Buckley • To view the original article, visit here.

Robbie Nathan is a member of the Seniors Foundation Board, consultant for Bridge to Better Living® and the only female in her household. She pushes quite a few envelopes.  She is still happily awaiting her Oscar.