‘Tis the Season


We have been living with the challenges a pandemic brought to our world through most of 2020. Every Senior and their family have adapted to a new way of living and revisited memories of a simpler, more focused life enjoyed years ago.

As 2020 comes to a close, Seniors and their loved ones want to celebrate in every possible way. Why? Because all the “BIG” holidays signify joyfulness and hope … Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and many others. Now is the traditional time to gather, celebrate and resurrect fun traditions while creating new ones.

Activities to connect include Zoom meetings with family members, Secret Santa items left on porches or sent via mail, a gathering of a special few for a holiday trivia or movie night could be simple and enjoyable when including a Senior.

A wonderful way to stay involved is to give back to others in the community. Numerous opportunities exist, especially now. Local churches often offer “giving trees” where requests from those less fortunate are placed for others to remove and then provide the resources needed. Be on the lookout for announcements of Senior Santas and Giving Trees. These may be available online or at designated businesses.

As 2020 draws to a close masks and social distancing will continue to be a daily reality. We need to be cognizant of every safe approach to continue celebrating Christmas. Keep it simple and safe. There are more holidays to come!


Bridge to Better Living believes Seniors are a reason to celebrate every day! Plan now how to best celebrate with Senior loved ones for future 2021 holidays. Create ideas in advance while visiting loved ones. Here are a few suggestions for your future 2021 celebrations.


Valentine`s Day


Valentine`s Day … a special time to celebrate our love and appreciation for each other. Seniors top Bridge to Better Living’s list and hopefully yours as well. Valentine’s Day brings memories of family and friends who are forever in our hearts.

Discuss a variety of Valentine’s day themed activities …  hearts and craft days, a love trivia night played virtually, or when safe, spend quality time with your Senior. A true expression of love results in feeling wanted and loved. The message of caring is every day but especially Valentine’s Day.

Practice social distancing and wear a mask when in close contact. Remember… being safe is an expression of love.

Get Spooky In 2021


Halloween is not only for the youngsters! A multitude of safe, engaging, and entertaining activities make Halloween the perfect time for Seniors to reconnect and have a little fun.

The standard activity is decorating a pumpkin … wouldn’t you agree? Purchase paint, a much safer alternative than carving knives. If grandchildren are going to be helping create pumpkin art, plan a contest and a trophy for the winner.

While looking for holiday decorations now, many Fall decorations and activities will be seen at reduced prices. Seniors living in retirement communities will enjoy games to increase socializing. Let us hope and think positive most of the COVID-19 restrictions will be relaxed by October 2021.


Practice Thanksgiving Traditions Perfect for Seniors


An ideal approach to determine the activity best for the holidays for a Senior or loved one is to simply ask them what they enjoy! You may have found this past Thanksgiving time recipes for favorite dishes were shared. Next year ask them to be a part of fixing a dish or supervise the kitchen. Determine if any current or future dietary restrictions exist due to medical conditions. Incorporate ingredients such as root vegetables to boost the immune system. If cooking is not a favorite activity involve everyone in turkey art, mini pumpkin hunts, or a board game boosting brain health!


Bridge to Better Living considers the social, physical, and medical needs of all Seniors when finding the best and most appropriate community match. We practice Placement with Passion® to remove the guesswork. Time and frustration are lessened for our clients. By incorporating our exclusive and comprehensive database of communities while walking side by side with the client during their journey. Bridge to Better Living cares about YOU… we consider every day a holiday. Contact Bridge to Better Living today!