Driving through the neighborhood was similar to hiking through a mine field. Limbs were down, some driven straight into the ground; flowers were flattened; small rivers ran into overflowing gutters. A neighbor who had been in the process of re-roofing their house had two rooms with sagging ceilings…it seems there was a hole in the roof somewhere. Such a tiny thing, a small hole, but combined with buckets of rain…a catastrophe.

Even being preventative always needs a Plan ‘B’. Articles on living a healthy lifestyle are everywhere nowadays. Perhaps because Baby Boomers now boom much slower the information is more noticeable. Wellness centers are in abundance. Grocery stores are posting nutritional values. Technology addresses not only mental but physical ability. Growing old gracefully has become an adage of the past.

The new attitude is to embrace age and embrace it with gusto!

All good advice…but what happens when plans are made, flowers are planted, and roofs replaced? Murphy’s Law seems to come to mind. It’s the trip leading to the fall resulting in a fracture, a hospital stay (please make it three nights so Medicare kicks in), resulting in rehab and then…

Will home health be the answer? Will Assisted Living be needed? Will finances allow a choice? Will there be a nearby community with availability? Who will coordinate the research? Today? Tomorrow? Two weeks from now?

Be pro-active.

Put a plan in place for a move when and should you need one. Tour several retirement communities. Involve your family and most importantly, have an expert Transition Consultant within your reach. They know the questions and more importantly the answers fitting your needs and desires. When finding a community fitting YOU, don’t hesitate to place a deposit. Your name on a waiting list means a shorter wait when it’s time for a move.

Okay, Martha…you’ve got your umbrella handy. Now where are those galoshes?