If anyone were to walk into my kitchen right now, they would be scratching their head in confusion. Just why the heck does this woman have all her drawers and cabinet doors open? I should explain…I’m cooking something a little complicated. It seems meat and potatoes just don’t make the cut lately with the increasing awareness of, let’s face it…advancing age. A whole new world of choices now exists.

If drawers and cabinets are open I am needing instant access to each ingredient and cooking tool. Offensive “hangers” will remain open until research, blending and delivery are complete. Oh, and I suppose dirty dishes will need to be washed and returned to their proper place.

Would it be silly to compare open access in a kitchen to a search for alternate Senior Living?

With some prejudice on my part I will tell you it is a very likely comparison. How many cupboard doors and drawers are in your kitchen? I have fifty one. Communities for Seniors have at least 51 choices. Not only three square meals and a warm bed, but even laundry service and transportation differ in each community. Similar to cookbooks, services and amenities offered differ at every turn of the page. It is important to view each community to understand how the final desired result is achieved. Doors need to be opened to ensure the transparency of each feature, cost, exclusion and inclusion.

To the novice cook the question arises. “Where do I start?” What is the next step?” “Who do I call to find the answers to all my questions? “Are they as nice as the picture?” These are the same questions one often hears when families are starting a quest to find appropriate Senior Living. Always look to the experts.

A Transition Consultant at Bridge to Better Living® has literally spent endless days and nights in the kitchen.

Clients have no need to lift a finger. Transition Consultants arrange the tours, accompany clients at each facility, and ensure every item’s use is documented as well as the cost of the ingredients and a favorable outcome. Their cost is at no cost to the client.

Close open cabinet doors and drawers. Keep your grocery list updated. Consult with the best. Bridge to Better Living® is definitely cuisine art when looking for an “appetizing” choice.