We all talk about the weather and sadly accept there is nothing we are able to do about it. Personal comfort however does present wise choices.


If only this was as easy as it sounds. As people age their ability to feel temperature change decreases. Most Senior Living Communities have individual thermostats in their apartments. If there is a draft coming from your windows inform the staff. Once your home is warm, crawl under a cozy blanket and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa.

Winter Food Choices

The chefs in Independent and Assisted Living Communities recognize a healthy bowl of vegetable soup is good medicine.

  • Vegetables – rich in iron and vitamins C & D provide strong immune system boosters.
  • Root vegetables – celery, carrots and radishes are healthy snacks during any part of the day.
  • Vegetables which grow best in cool weather – cabbage, squash, broccoli and spinach contain the secrets to staying warm. Choose them at mealtime.
  • High carbohydrate foods such as pasta, brown rice and potatoes provide extra energy. Who could resist macaroni and cheese, lasagna and pot pies–all comfort foods providing more “get up and go?”

Remember to drink plenty of liquids as dehydration is a major cause of hospitalization among elders. Senior Living Communities offer not only healthy winter choices but also establish hydration stations for residents.

Stay Active

Walk or run in place during commercials, dance and stretch as if no one is watching (no one is…they are all inside their own apartment). If you are unable to physically do so and fortunate enough to live in a Senior Living put on your warm ups and go to the fitness center. Imagine you are walking on the beach in a very warm place. Grab a soup can in each hand and lift “weights.”

Dress Appropriately

Bodies are unable to adapt quickly to changes in temperature. Wearing your jacket in the house and going outside to cool off if you get warm is an invitation to illness.
When adventuring outside layers of wool and/or silk are best as they allow air to circulate freely, pulling moisture away from the body. Three layers are recommended. Heat quickly escapes through the top of your head so cover it whether you have a thick layer of hair or simply a thick skull. Skinny fingers and toes clad in thin socks need to be covered well. Choose a fluffy thick scarf to keep the cold air from blowing down your neck.

And Finally, Laugh

Release those endorphins. As Victor Hugo states…Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.
At Bridge to Better Living®, we strive to give one-on-one guidance to help transition into a new era of life, one with an abundance of possibilities and experiences to cherish. Embracing these needs as you age does not have to be a lonely experience. Moving to a Senior Living Community should be welcomed, embraced and cherished. Bridge to Better Living® is there for individuals and families who seek the absolute best quality of life in senior living. Placement is our Passion!